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Concept: Form and Function

Interior design work for Robin Regalia condominium in Singapore. This project revolve around the concept of Form + Function. Every design component is created primarily with it's function in mind, to maximise the use of space and storage while achieving a clean, light and spacious visual balance.

Art direction - Eric Tan

Design - Eric Tan

Video - Max Lim

Eric Tan with Aprofam! trailer

Eric Tan with Aprofam! trailer

Living Room8
Living Room7
Mood 4
Living Room5
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2
Master Bedroom 4
Master Bedroom 3
Bedroom 1B
Bedroom 1A
Living Room4
Living Room2
Master Bathroom 2
Common Bath
Bedroom 2C
Robin Regalia - CONCEPT
Detailing 2
Detailing 1
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