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Concept: Water

Street 31 Bishan is a project inspired by ‘Water'. The concept came to life after much more in-depth conversations with our client about their daily routine and lifestyle.

The concept of ‘Water’ strategized around three elements.

1. Fluid space flow and layout.

2. Light and transparent interior finishes.

3. Clean lines and unshowy profile details.

Art direction - Eric Tan

Design - Eric Tan


The ‘Capsule Space’ was meticulously crafted to provide homeowners privacy and mediation whenever needed. The raised wooden platform was used to let them feel at nature and ease when they are in the room and the glass walls to set boundaries yet still connected to the surroundings. Also, it helps to accentuate the space in the constraint room through the glass walls.

The space layout is thoughtfully designed to allow homeowners to have fluid flow and seamless movement. Minimal carpentry elements are used to maximize space within their home and making it less clutter.

Bishan Layout Jpeg.png
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